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Thank you so much for your advice and help today, it really speaks to me a lot personally. I have gained much knowledge on both the technicality of professional dressing and the soft skills of networking and communication throughout this short but fruitful course.
– Tse Ho Yuen, 2012

It has been the most wonderful experience to receive guidance from you. I have attended a few sessions and workshops with similar aims earlier, but have always faced disappointment while the scenario this time is absolutely opposite. I feel motivated, confident and more positive towards the corporate world. I now understand the rationale behind those dress-up tips and the walk-in style, the elevator pitch and the story lines, the eye contact and the warm hand-shakes, but moreover, it’s ME that I understand better. I consider myself to be fortunate that I got to know about the workshop and gained such a wonderful experience. I would like to thank you, ImageWorks as a team and NBS, whom I have to thank separately, who always put in so much effort to carve out a more influential, successful and a motivated person out of us- the unaware teenagers.
– Akhand Pratap Singh, 2012

You have been a great mentor and I know I have taken away practical life skills that will be useful to me for a long time to come.
– Tong Jun Ru, 2012

I am very glad that I plucked up courage today and had a one-on-one conversation with you. I have gained a lot of valuable insights and was also thankful because after today, I finally know what I really want and I believe I am more motivated and determined to change now. And because winners are changing individuals, and I want to be a winner, I need to change. On top of all these, the one thing that I was most grateful for was the flip technique that I took away from this course. It had allowed me to know my attributes better and therefore taught me how to better package and promote myself. I love how the way the lessons were conducted, and although I felt that I appeared shy, there was really a burning passion in me to learn. I wished the session was longer so I could practice and learn more.
– Lee Hui Xin, 2012

Thank you for conducting such a wonderful class. To me, the most useful parts are the dressing and networking part. They will definitely be useful to me in the near future.
– Hazel Liu Yang, 2012

It was indeed a pleasure to have you as my instructor for this course and I have certainly learnt a lot from the 3 sessions. I will definitely be able to bring these skills into interviews and networking sessions and hopefully it will land me with a good job!
– Sim Ying Ling Felicia, 2012

It was really a pleasure to have you as a mentor for TWF. I dare say that I, as well as TWF Group 1, have gained much valuable insights from your advice with regards to grooming, interview, networking, overall branding and more.
– Koh Kiang Han, 2012

I want to thank you for spending precious time and effort in coaching us all these time. I think it’s evident that many, if not all of us, have grown from shy individuals to polished pieces of gems ready to shine for our potential interviewers. Your coaching has been tremendous; not only has it uncovered my blind spots in dressing and interviews, it has impacted my thinking. I’m very drawn to how you always emphasis on the “winning mindset”, and nowadays, whenever I feel like slacking off in anything, I will be reminded of how you will think/do things differently and recall the importance of staying consistent if I really want to excel. To me, this was definitely the best takeaway from TWF. It’s beyond dressing or speaking well, it’s really about changing mindset and shaping lives for the future. You’ve done a wonderful thing in planting this little seed inside each and everyone of us, and as we practise what you’ve taught us, this seed blossomed into a marvelous creation.
– Chen Zhenxiong, 2012

Thanks a bunch for the fun-filled and sessions! Loved all your stories and advice .
– Iris Ng Chiah Tze, 2012

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