Imageworks sincerely acknowledges our valued partner:
Nanyang Business School

We acknowledge the following people for their dedicated support and partnership for The Winning Formula.

NBS Career Services:

Linda Ong
Yvonne Kong
Thomas Seet
Kendra Kok
Pauline Lee

Task Force:

Thomas Seet for his dedicated involvement and invaluable inputs & undergraduates Belicia Ong, Law Chang Shui, Lim An Qi and Soh Jung Hong for modelling the outfits and their valuable feedback and contributions as undergraduates.

Last but not least, we also wish to recognize the visionary contribution of Associate Professors Fock Siew Tong, Choo Teck Min, Valerie Du Toit-Low who were instrumental in spear-heading The Winning Formula since 2007.

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