Get to know Pei Lin

Pei Lin’s forte is to distill key image concepts and present them in a practical and structured manner for her corporate and private clients. She empowers individuals with practical skills in colour, style, makeup and wardrobe management, to help them look and feel their best. She is also an experienced facilitator in etiquette, protocol, customer service and networking essentials, equipping individuals with important insights to establish professional presence. As a trainer, she is motivating and practical, and appeals to the novice as well as more experienced learners. Her training clients appreciate her strong understanding of the challenges of today’s competitive corporate environment and how she transforms knowledge into action. Prior to her image consulting career, Pei Lin gained valuable management experience in civil service at the Public Utilities Board (PUB), including extensive planning, implementation, customer service and public relations. She was instrumental in bringing to completion Singapore’s first reservoir in the city, the Marina Barrage, a massive 3-year project which won several international awards.

“My passion is to equip individuals with life skills so they can have the confidence and courage to pursue their goals and dreams.”