Get to know Serena

As a strong advocate for adult education and strategic branding, Serena engages with clients from various industries to elevate their brand identity and promote their brand presence, particularly through their people. By virtue of her wealth of experience in sales, marketing, customer service and human resource management accumulated over more than 20 years in business, Serena is able to clearly identify performance gaps and training needs, and design and develop learning and consultancy solutions for personal empowerment and corporate excellence. Working closely with a team of dedicated image consultants and corporate trainers with a quest for excellence, she regularly reviews Imageworks’ training delivery, develops new and enhanced training programs and interactive facilitation techniques, and contextualises courseware to meet client needs. Through her active engagement in continuing education and training, she has also established herself as a knowledge source in learning and development. Prior to joining Imageworks, Serena led the brand consultancy team at FT Consulting and was General Manager of SPH Magazines.

“The joy of working with our creative and nurturing team of trainers and the experience of witnessing transformation in the lives of our participants spur me towards designing even more memorable learning journeys.”